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Orange County and Long Beach Memorialize  

The 102nd Anniversary of the 1916 Rising

"Ireland is too great to be unconnected with us, and too near us to be dependant on a foreign state, and too little to be independent."  C.T. Grenville to the Duke of Rutland, December 3, 1784 (H.M.C. 14 report app. 1, p. 155)  This statement sums up the attitude of Great Britain toward Ireland from the twelfth century to the twentieth.

The passage of the National Service Act in January 1916 which threatened conscription in Ireland was one of the causes of  the Easter Rising.  The 1916 Rising represented the first major demonstration of force since the United Irishmen Rising of 1798.  The insurrections of 1803, 1848 and 1867 had been small in comparison.

   The AOH of Orange County and Long Beach held their annual Easter Commemoration at the VFW of Anaheim. We had a wonderful turnout of Brothers and Sisters to celebrate and honor the men of the Irish Rebellion of 1916. David McKenna did a masterful job as Chairman and Daniel Murphy kept the program rolling and was honored with a plaque for his decades of service. Sister Eymard Flood gave a inspirational spiritual message, Eamonn Knuff provided the musical entertainment and Terry McCarthy piped in the processional. Many thanks to the Tristen Wolffe and the 3rd Cork Brigade for their reenactment participation and all of you who made this a proper tribute as well as a success. We appreciate your continued support of the Order!

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