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IRemarks of Daniel P. McGowan, AOH California State President, at the 1916 Easter Rising 100th Commemoration, Anaheim, California, on March 26, 2016

“For had he come in England’s red

 To make me England’s queen

 I would rove the high green hills instead

For the sake of the Irish green.”

–Jackets Green

Our Irish patriots, those who we choose to honor today, in many ways personified this theme.  They had so much to lose but knew in their hearts something more powerful than any despot could possibly parry – they knew they’d rather die fighting for Ireland’s freedom than remain bound by the suffocating chains of Great Britain.  They knew the easy route would be to continue the route of appeasement, the route of simply going along.  Alas, theirs would be a different fate and would be the quintessential watershed moment in Irish history, a moment that would serve as the springboard to Ireland’s self-determination.  Here today, we do our part – our “roving the high green hills.”  We do our part by keeping the fight alive – by keeping their memories alive.  Soon you will hear the Roll of Honor.  I know all of us are blessed to be present here as we give thanks to these valiant individuals.

I want to thank the 1916 Planning Committee, and everyone who had a part, whether large or small, in helping to keep this glorious commemoration alive.  One hundred years and still much work to be done for a United Ireland.  I am so very glad and proud I have you all, my brothers and sisters, to stand with me as we strive to see it through.  Thank you and may God bless Ireland and the United States of America.

President’s Message